The Author

Noor Yusuf

Noor Yusuf is a young poet and author. Hailing from the Chishti Habibi lineage of Islamic spirituality, she has been blessed to grow up under the eyes of her Shaykh – Ghulam Muhyi al-Din Kazi of South Africa – from (literally) the day she was born, and has been inspired by his teachings since her earliest days. She has been writing and composing both long-form prose and poetry for a number of years, having written her first song (‘Allah made the Whole Wide World’) at the tender age of three.

Her works have garnered her a number of awards at both local and national level, including the Young Muslim Writer’s Award. Her deep attachment to traditional Islamic spirituality informs the majority of her works. She undertook the writing of The Soliloquy at the age of fifteen, which in itself began as a poem on the Prophet’s birth composed in 2013 for the Winterspring Mawlid. That original poem has since been woven into the Soliloquy itself, which was composed over the first twelve days of Rabi al-Awwal 1436 – one chapter per night – in 2014.

She is currently doing her A-Levels, having been home-schooled for a number of years, and is also pursuing traditional studies of Islamic law, theology and spirituality through the Sacred Texts Syllabus and her father Shaykh Dr Asim Yusuf.

She continues to work on various other literary projects.

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