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About The English Mawlid

A truly unique work! The Soliloquy of the Full Moon is the first English mawlid work ever written. An 1000 line panegyric, it is a fully metered, rhyming, epic poem celebrating the virtues of the Prophet ﷺ, the signs preceding his advent, the wonders of his birth and nursing, the first revelations and his night journey and ascension.

For the first time, English speakers can enjoy the full experience of traditional mawlid. Classical in form, Shakespearean in cadence, it was composed over twelve nights by the author at the age of only 15. It is a must for every home.

What our readers are saying about us

I'm astonished that a work of such quality was produced by such a young author. Soliloquy makes for the perfect gift for family and friends and it's something I think will leave a lasting impression for many decades to come.
— Ansar Mehmood.

The Soliloquy of the Full Moon, a wonderful ‘nativity’ written in rhyme describing the birth of our beloved Prophet Muhammad. What’s wonderful about this is the centrality nativity plays hold in our communities in the west, hence offering an English edition of such a story for Muslims is incredibly valuable. The eloquence and detail woven into the words is mesmerising!
— Talha Ghannam. (See the full review here)

After reading the soliloquy, I was left with two thoughts: profound admiration and thankfulness. Admiration for the ability of one so young to capture the immense love so many have, but cannot express so eloquently. Thankfulness for that we now have something to read in our mawlids, for our children to relate to in a language that is their own. May Allah Bless Noor for bringing this light in our mawlids.
— Anika Arshad.

I have never read something with so much detail of the Prophet (pbuh) in such a succinct way I have learnt so much about the life and character and feelings of the Prophet! The book is really well written and reading this really sparks emotions.
— Zakia Akhtar.

Original, inspiring, lucid, creative and accessible. This timely produced book is a great addition to the canon of Mawlid literature, yet it is unique because it is written in articulate, poetic English. With every page, every song, every couplet, one can get a sense of what yearning for the Beloved is. It is conducive not only for gatherings but also for solitary recitation and reflection. For those of you who want to know the Messenger of God (peace and blessings be upon him), look no further.
— Sajad Ali.

A unique rhythmic creation of poetry where the author's emotions of love and awe have been beautifully translated into words.
— Fahad Ali.